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When floors lose their shine – understanding the ‘why’ or the root cause is an important factor in minimizing the cost to restore them to their original condition. Causes can vary from inappropriate cleaners and build-up on the surface, to scuffs in the protective coating, to actual damage to the underlying wood. Did you know that the leading wood cleaners incorporate wax as a means to help “pop the shine”? Unfortunately, that wax can build up, trapping dirt and yellowing over time. The good news is that we can remove that build-up and allow the original floor’s beauty to be seen again. If you are finding you are having to work harder to clean and maintain your floor finish’s shine – let Wood Wizards professionally clean your floors. Then we will introduce you to Wood Wizards WOOD CLEANER, formulated to clean without use of waxes or oils.
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What is a Clean and ReCoat and why do you need it? If you have wood floors, then this service is exactly what you have been searching for. In less than two minutes, let us show you what a Clean and ReCoat is. Our zero sanding process is so simple, effective, and affordable that we want to share it with the whole world. Zero dust, hardwood resurfacing. Are your hardwood floors looking old, dull, scratched, or scuffed? Clean ReCoat makes your hardwood floors look like a million bucks for just peanuts. Clean ReCoat technicians renew the beauty of hardwood floors without dust or odors and get our customers back in their homes in only a single day. A fast and painless one-day service. Enjoy zero-dust, beautifully revived hardwood floors in one day without the hassle, odor, or cost of traditional resanding. Clean ReCoat technicians average three hours to revive your hardwood floors from start to finish. Exclusive commercially-rated finishes leverage the latest in technology. Best of all, your freshly coated floor is ready for foot traffic in just two hours’ time, allowing you to get back to living on your fully restored floors in a fraction of the time. A fast and affordable green solution. The Clean ReCoat process is an eco-friendly, zero-dust, one-day service that renews hardwood floors with a protective, commercial coating that can be applied over any and all types of existing hardwood floors. Convenient for today’s fast-paced families. We’ll get you walking on your floor in no time without hassle or mess.

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