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The BEAM Central Vacuum System redefines the concept of hassle-free cleaning, offering a lightweight solution that allows effortless movement across different floors and rooms. Its crushproof hoses, unlike the standard portable vacuum, resist the wear and tear of regular use, ensuring kink-free operation and longevity. Additionally, the system is remarkably quiet, blending seamlessly into the background of your daily life, so you can clean whenever you want without interrupting conversations, missing phone calls, or causing any disturbance. With BEAM, the act of vacuuming becomes a silent, almost invisible part of your day. We are currently installing BEAM HEPA Whole-House Air Filtrations Systems and BEAM Central Vacuum Systems. With one call, you can clean all the air in your home 24/7… to HEPA filtration standards. And you can remove 100% of the collected germs, dander, bacteria and dust from your living space. All systems are on sale. Installation takes less than a day. Additional savings if you get both. BEAM of St. Louis was founded in 1981 and is an Authorized Distributor & Warranty Center for Eastern Missouri / Central & Southern Illinois. In a series of tests that compared short-term and long-term soil removal and dust emission control, of five leading upright vacuums and the BEAM Serenity Central Vacuum System, technicians at Professional Testing Laboratory, Dalton, Ga., found two top-performing upright vacuums’ soil removal fell 10 percent to nearly 14 percent from the beginning to the end of the test, while the BEAM system maintained consistent soil removal.

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