st louis basement crack repair

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There are 3 common maintenance items that contribute to basement leaks: First, check your gutters to confirm they are clean, free of debris, and draining properly. Second, make sure any downspouts are extended away from your foundation. Finally, make sure that the grading of your yard slopes away from the home.

While these steps won’t guarantee a dry basement, they are simple ways to minimize the amount of water that could enter your basement.

Typically it costs $350-$500 to repair one foundation crack, as long as the crack does not exceed ten linear feet in length. Additional cracks become incrementally less in price, depending on the number of foundation cracks needing repair.

Is it necessary to repair a crack by excavating from the outside? No. CrackWizard works from inside the home, eliminating the need for outside digging and expensive repairs. Our exclusively formulated epoxy and urethane sealants and resins provide a permanent, cost-effective solution for foundation cracks. When CrackWizard repairs a crack, it’s fixed forever.

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